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portable water purifier and water filter for rv camping and travelling. waterproof case, waterproof bag for waterproof storage of equipment.

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Don't take any chances with the stuff that makes-up most of your body.
Have you ever had a trip to the backcountry ruined by too many trips to the outhouse? Right, you don't want to.
So, protect yourself from...

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • ... and whatever else would gross you out

When you want the best in portable water treatment, you'll find it right here.
We test it. We use it. So we can recommend it.

Packable Purifiers
Remove everything but the water...

We would like to make the distinction between purifiers & filters very clear. A 'water filter' or even a 'micro filter' is not technically a purifier. In fact it is not legal for a filter to be marketed as a 'purifier'. The difference is that a 'purifier' is certified at a higher level, removing bacteria & viruses to extremely strict US EPA, health Canada, and other regulations. When you want the safest water, a water purifier is how to get it.

General Ecology first need deluxe portable water purifier purification systemFirst Need Deluxe
by General Ecology
Chemical-free portable purifier
The best available... period.

General Ecology Trav-L-Pure water purifierFirst Need Trav-L-Pure
by General Ecology
Premium compact purifier.
Designed for travellers.

First Need Base Camp
by General Ecology
Large capacity portable
Designed for expeditions

Travel Well Pocket
by Pre Mac
Mini disposable purifier.
Perfect for emergency kits.

Exstream Bottle
by Katadyn
Water bottle
with integrated purifier

Packable Micro Filters
Effective & versatile

Micro filter products like the Katadyn line, are very effective against common contaminants like crypotsporidia & giardia. They also effectively remove some metals, sediment, chemicals & bad tastes & odors. However they are not effective against viruses & bacteria. For most outback travel, micro filters will do the job. When you are in an area where the water may be suspect, you may want to move up to a fully certified purifier.

Microlite Microfilter
by General Ecology
Excellent protection
at a great price

by Katadyn
Converts from hiker
to countertop

Frontier Straw
by McNett
One of the smallest
Great for hikers.

Pocket Classic
by Katadyn
Built like a rock for
a lifetime of service

by Katadyn
Compact size
excellent capacity

Treatment Chemicals
For storing water, or extra insurance

Chlorine-based, & Iodine-based chemicals make the water toxic to bacteria & viruses much like municipal water treatment. These chemicals are recommend as a sterilization stage of purification in areas where water is very suspect, or when you expect to store the water for months.

Common, inexpensive, ensures sterilization
Leaves dead critters in the water to be consumed (along with what's left of the chemical)

by Katadyn
Convenient tablets
for potable water

Water Treatment Tablets
by Coghlans
Simple, effective,
& inexpensive

Pristine Treatment Solution
by Advance
Great for camps
and travellers

Residential Systems
Which treatment technology is best?

When it comes to effective water treatment, there are only a handful of technologies that have proven themselves over years of use. Following is a quick look at several, along with the strengths & weaknesses of each...

Structured Matrix

An electrostatic-based approach proprietary to General Ecology products. This technology has been approved to the 'purifier level' by the EPA, and has been the only technology that has been able to maintain its certification each time the EPA raises the bar.

Compact, lightweight, purification, removal of pathogens
A little more expensive, shorter cartridge life than micro filters

Reverse Osmosis

A multi-stage filtration system. Expensive muti-stage versions can provide very clean water, but cannot be certified as purifiers due to the potential for cross-contamination.

Large, expensive to maintain, large amount of waste water produced, not a purifier

Silver Impregnated Ceramic

A top-end form of micro-filter. Better & longer lived than grocery store activated carbon filters. Silver prevents formation of bacteria in the cartridge.

Large cartridge capacity, can be cleaned in the field
Expensive, not a purifier

UV (Ultraviolet) Sterilization

UV systems & the new UV pens for emergency kits & hiking have hit the market in the past few years, and there is marketing hype that they are akin to boiling your water - not true. We recommend that they be used as a secondary stage of purification for filters, if used at all.

Leaves dead critters in the water to be consumed, no ability to ensure complete sterilization, requires batteries

Homes, Cottages & Cabins...

Seagull X1
by General Ecology

Smaller family purifiers
with designer faucets

Seagull X2
by General Ecology
Family-sized purifiers
with designer faucets

Seagull X6
by General Ecology
High capacity inline purifier
for homes & lodges

by General Ecology
High volume
in-line micro filter

RVs & Boats...

Nature Pure
by General Ecology
Several design options
for cottages, RVs, & boats

Trav-L-Pure Camper
by General Ecology
In-line purifier solution
for RVs & tent trailers

by Katadyn
Micro filter
convertible for home & RV use

Dockside Pre-Filter Kit
by General Ecology
Protects on-board water systems
on boats

Water Bottles & Cantenes

SIGG Bottles
The original
Coated aluminum flasks

Stainless Steel Bottles
by Rainforest
500ml, 750ml
In choice of 4 colors from $9.99

Flexible Cantenes
by Nalgene
Save space
with collapsible cantenes

C&H Vacuum Bottles
by Primus
Secure with steel
Food & beverage flasks

C&H Lunch Jug
by Primus
Insulated & tough
food & beverage flasks

Got any new product suggestions? Let us know!

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